Meet our U.S Marketing Manager Steph, she is a small portion of the team that drives Luminox. While attending an influencer trip for the SPARTAN Chicago Race Weekend June 1st & June 2nd, she had the opportunity to experience her first Sprint. Due to weather changes in the schedule that weekend, Team Luminox got switched to the Elite heat and therefore got to experience a truly competitive and fun Spartan environment.

What is your role at Luminox?

S: I am the Digital Marketing & E-Commerce manager for the U.S Market, I oversee all of our online & social communication.

Is this your first Spartan Race?

S: YES and I had no idea what to expect. Luckily we had guidance and advice from our brand ambassador Spartan Pro Robert Killian. I am glad I made it out alive!

We hear this is one of the hardest and dirtiest courses, what motivated you to participate in such a difficult & muddy race?

S: I was on a non-profit team for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society this year on behalf of one of my best friends Lauren Esposito who's sister Jenn lost her battle to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 10 years ago, I dedicated the race to her and the non-profit team. Jenn was the same age as I am now when she lost her battle to Leukemia and it hit me that life is short #everysecondcounts and that we all need to do a little more outside of our comfort zones.

What was the hardest obstacle you came across?

S: I have to agree the Bucket Brigade was incredibly difficult and if it weren't for help from other Spartan's I wouldn't have made it through.

Which obstacle did you most enjoy overcoming?

S: The Barbed Wire, because I always told myself I would never do a muddy or dirty race and that was one of the muddiest obstacles where I got to prove myself and others wrong. 

Overall how did you feel at the finish line and do you plan on participating in another Spartan Race?

S: I felt accomplished and was extremely proud of myself for finishing. I think for the next race before participating I will do more preparation and training prior so I am more prepared. 

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